Simple Awesomeness

Simple Awesomeness

An easy way to settle back down to simple Awesomeness. A small batch of morning glory seedlings transferred from a neighbors garden grew from tiny withered leaves into an amazing spectacle full of gorgeous blooms throughout. These plants do not require much of anything. Our water hose would barely reach to the area, so they received miniscule amounts of water throughout the hot summer months, but yet still produced in a fantastic manner.

Receiving most of its requirements from Earth and Sky, this plant not only has served as ornamental, but also as an attractant to numerous butterfly, moth, bee, and beetle species. I would assume it fed these species as well, but not without a helpful gesture in return of pollination. Another species that was very well fed (and most likely housed as also) by the morning glories was the grasshoppers.

As well as the morning glories thrived through the summer, they also appear to have a grand tactic of winter survival. The Frost has arrived and yet only the tops of the money glories were affected. The underside of the plant is fighting through. Even more enchanting, the plant is still producing blossoms.

This really helped me to ground myself by realizing our true needs are so easily lost. And by taking a moment to really think about something that seems to happen so simply, and put it all into perspective, our lives sometimes are all clogged up with crud, much of the crud and things we don’t even need. If we could take the time to bring it back to some more basic things, maybe we would find that is really a happier, more fulfilling way. This doesn’t even have to be everyday spent like that, maybe just a day a week, part of a day, or during a break from work or something. I’m going to try this.


So I ask you, World? Any suggestions for bringing it back to the basics? Short term, long term…

Have a super day World!


Only A Glimpse

Only A Glimpse

While this life may feel we walk through and through, there is a somewhat unsettling feeling when pondering the idea that our entire lifespan may only be a blink of an eye universally speaking. Only a glimpse into an enormous tunnel of never-ending time. These are the moments when I love over-thinking and allowing my brain to spiral into the unknown and spark some imagination mixed with theory.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day World! Practice free thought today, you never know what may come of it πŸ˜ƒ



The day is nearly over. Today was good. I’m still feeling something of greatness around the corner, meanwhile still questioning if that’s a trick of my own mind.

An old writing of mine, really old

There are joys and there are pains, and with this all came my chains. My chains create the self in me while my brain seeks the key to what answers the questions of my identity.

The chains squeeze and pull as the props take their places. So many people with so many faces. Life runs on and on but I know my chains will never be gone.

Time is never a constant thing, it slows and speeds with what moods time can bring. Therefore time has no effect over my chains, they have no end of the tracks like trains.

And the rest of my writing is too cut into pieces as something spilled on my paper from the late nineties 😞