We had a cat that started coming around the house and we were trying to not feed it so it would go home (assuming it had a home, has a little purple collar). Anyway, it wouldn’t leave, it was here everyday and night. Finally I felt horrible for it, so I would feed it small portions in morning and night. However, one night, we were sitting on the porch and the cat approached us with something dangling from its mouth, automatically I thought it was bringing us something dead as cats would, but to my surprise, it was a kitten! She carried it up the porch and placed it between us and looked at us with her gorgeous eyes as if to tell us she is not just fending for herself, she had kittens to tend. I almost cried, what a good mama. So of course I poured her a huge bowl of food and fresh bowl of water. Animals amaze me, they make communication so simple sometimes, its a wonder why humans can struggle with it so often. So, we now have another cat, and her 2 beautiful kittens.


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