The Essence

Today is beautiful, but yet gloom reaps about. Kick this gloom out I say, what is the essence that allows creatures not of nature to weigh down on my shoulders! It is unexplainable I have come to realize, and all mostly of my own creation I believe. I will fill my mind with music and kick this nasty daunting from hovering about. Ugh, I am just running slim on positive energy today.


3 thoughts on “The Essence

  1. I was told that low moods are good for creativity. I personally find they are good for understanding the world of humans. Once insight happens … bing .. cheerfulness returns ..

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    1. Thank you! That is very insightful, I have not thought of that, but now that you say that, I have to agree, I always come up with the best ideas for books or crafts in those moments! (Best for me in my opinion I mean, not best in the world) You always have the right words! I’ve said that before, but it’s true and needs said again 🙂 thank you, you’re awesome!

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