April Equals June, Since When?

The question we will ponder today…since when did April become June?

Sitting on the porch last night.

A sound I knew all too well.

You see, creatures of all sorts I enjoy, there are only 2 of which I have trouble making peace with, flies and ants.

And one I can’t say I dislike, the better explanation would be we have yet not a good understanding of each other, despite our numerous conversations and meetings.

I forget about them each year until I hear the hovercraft like buzzing nearing my head at night and if I’m lucky, I may catch a glimpse of its shadow before the epic entanglement of a landing in my hair! I love spiders, bees, even wasps, however, we seem to have an equal idea that landing in my hair is not the best arrangement for either party involved.

So what is this creature & why the mix up of months, its the infamous June Bug, or the Junies as I prefer to call them :)they have arrived in April, I had a conversation with them in May last year, now I am explaining they’ve arrived yet ealy again in May, and still prefer a good crash right into my hair! I typically have no girly outbursts if screaming, but there’s just something about the Junies getting tangled in my hair and sounding like little robotic creatures only entangling themselves further while trying to escape the madness!


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