Superstition Meets OCD!

I get a pack of peanut butter and crackers. I open the peanut butter and crackers. I love peanut butter and crackers (my mom used to give me homeade peanut butter and cracker sandwiches when I would get home from preschool as a snack, I think I just realized why I love them so much, I loved that moment of being back with my mom after what seemed like an everlasting day of being away from home then!). There are 8 sandwiches in the package. I want to eat them all, but I want to save some for later, so what do I do? I over analyze the options, determining my hunger status at that moment vs what it may be tomorrow, and I choose to eat 3, you see I don’t want 4 because that might not leave enough for tomorrow should I be hungrier then, and I will be eating supper soon, so 3 will suffice, and I can’t eat only 2 because that would leave 6, and I can’t do that because superstition gets in my way, so I ate 3 and will have 5 for tomorrow, which will likely be yet another tough choice haha! Why you say, because that’s me, exercising my freedom of choice, thought, and madness haha!


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