“Don’t wait for the ball to come to you.” My dad always taught all of us how to play various sports. Those memories stay dear to me and as I age, I realize how much and far his words do for me. I quoted above something he was teaching us when playing basketball. For whatever reason, I recall this quote, the day he said it, his eyes always full of motivation and determination, his strength that could be seen in his build, his mental ability, and his smile 🙂 Replaying these words, I wonder if he realized he was providing us with a life lesson as well. For I choose not to wait for the ball to come to me, I will go after it. This also makes me wonder about other things, such as is a life really written beforehand? Did this moment when my dad was teaching us happen for a reason other than his own choice, or along with his own choice? Was it already written that he would be gone, way too soon in my opinion, and so early lessons that would help later in life as well were necessary? I have a strong belief of my own, I am in no search for understanding of Higher power, I am just wondering in my own mind, since I was blessed with the freedom of thinking. I wonder if our own minds create these links to good memories and conjur other meanings to help alleviate the nuscance that someone is gone. World, do you have memories from a lost one that hold valuable life lessons to you?


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