The rain has arrived as suspected, thankful we are. I had planted a batch of marigold seeds last week to the day. The ground had been dry and I had mixed in some darker soil to help the seeds. Each day we have watered them, we have been watching and waiting for the sprouts, yesterday I had only seen one. The rain poured down throughout the night, flooding the beds. I had been stumped where to plant the seeds so I ended up planting them along a small ditch line we created 2 years ago which runs through one of the beds. Nature never ceases to amaze me. I approach the flower bed this morning and there are 27 sprouts, some of which the heavy rain scattered out into the bed instead of at the edge where we planted them. Just thinking about that simply shows the power of nature. Within 1 night, as much of this part of the world was sleeping, tiny seeds were being provided precisely what they needed to reach for the sky and begin life. Not provided by me or the family, but that which nature could provide in bounty. It just made me so happy and appreciative, I had to share đŸ™‚


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