I accidentally left behind my small friend in the office last night, yes, it was my small electronic techy device that is my only way of blogging to the World! It was a sad moment when I reached to take a fantastic pic half way home from the office and my mind suddenly realized, “oh no Moody, what will you do?” But yet, the sensible side of my brain took over and thought, you do not have enough gas to drive back & still make it to work tomorrow! So…I had to do without and thought maybe a ‘disconnect night’ would be good for me. But would you believe I woke up early and actually arrived to work on time today (I’m a late person, its my flaw, but I have recently decided to accept it rather than spend my life shortening my life span by worrying and fixing my lateness issue, I make up for it with many of my other attributes)? So, I realized this blogging really means a lot to me and keeps me going.

Sorry for the late post (haha, if you just read about my lateness) but really, I missed you all!

Hope your day is wonderful!


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