Our company provides free beverages for employees, and to my surprise, as I was browsing the selection, I run across crown royal cola! I think to myself, is this a trick, and I turn to see if anyone is watching to see if this is a joke. No one appears to be watching, so I ponder this for a while, I’m not a big drinker, but decide, what the heck, why not, right! So I grab the can of crown royal cola and head out for lunch break. Only to find as I take a sip of the crown royal cola, I realize it was a trick all of my own mind, the cola is actually Royal Crown Cola, not an alcoholic beverage at all! Bahaha! Just had to share that!

Tastes great by the way!




3 thoughts on “Drinking on the job allowed, wait, What!

  1. Lol. I remember RC when I was a child. My mom would by it every now and then. We didn’t get pop like kids get it today. I also remember the commercials for RC…lol…a guy and girl on a motorcycle riding on a curvy road and the song “Me and My RC”playing. Funny what comes to mind when u see a product from back in the day. I didn’t know they still made that. Lol

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  2. Hi Moody Mulch,
    What made you think the Royal Crown Cola had liquor in it? I am sorry if I don’t understand.
    I came by to thank you for visiting my site and liking my post about opening an online store.


    1. There is whiskey named Crown Royal and I was actually taking a spin on the fact that I had always known RC Cola, but I hadn’t seen it aroumd, and all the time I knew of RC Cola up until the day I posted that, I never knew the RC stood for Royal Crown. Silly me! I don’t know that it had always been written on the can of soda that way, but hadn’t seen it since I was a kid, so maybe I didn’t pay attention to it previously. You can order Crown & Coke as a mixed alcoholic drink around here. I was just trying to take a funny spin on something new I learned. Haha thanks for checking it out 🙂


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