Have you ever wrote a letter condemning yourself to Hell, for a choice that you would make, but no one would ever know. But yet not actually make the choice.

Have you ever wrote a letter to someone you have lost, and buried it beside their gravestone, and turned back as away you walked.

Have you ever watched a movie that left you so emotionally distraught, that made you wonder why when it beared no relation to your life. But later in your life you face the same scenario, and sadly it seems you that you understand now why it affected you so.

Have you ever dreamt of events before they have arrived. Is that a mind trick and coincidence.

Have you ever gazed into the sky with such amazement that it took your breath.

Have you ever felt that you should pick up the phone and call someone in particular, and in your mind, it seemed almost odd timing or almost something pushing you to call, so you question whether you should, and then you don’t make the call. Only to wake up to find that person passed through the night. As a human, of course, these moments replay over and over.

Have you ever had such a strong feeling for no reason in particular and so you chalk it up to be a feeling of greatness to come.

Have you ever smiled so greatly that tears come from your eyes unknowingly.










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