Music that reminds me…

I know I have said this before, music makes my day, it conjurs so much emotion. I love it! I heard a song today, sorry if you don’t like it, everyone has their likes & dislikes, and I super appreciate that, and I’m not going to make you listen to it. I just want to share a story behind it! When I was a teenager, my oldest brother bought me a VCR tape of a rock band I love, Poison, and we didn’t have cable or anything because we are more outside types of people. But we did have a VCR, I was so excited about having the music videos! I honestly think that was the best birthday present I ever received, as lame as some may think that is! Haha I don’t recall ever telling my brother that, he is no longer with us in tangible form, but I want to say it anyway, maybe he’s with me now and can see me typing this! Shouts out to all the awesome brothers in the world! You mean the world to your sisters, even though we may not always say it aloud! Love you big brother!


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