Remember that movie Office Space?  So I tell my boss the other day, I don’t want to wear any more flare! You see I work in an office, with very minimal pay, very limited room to move up (I say that optimistically, there is actually no room for moving up, it’s just a facade) but yet, we all are constantly having to do more, learn more, be more, prove ourselves, but with no new outcome, but better the company, but remain the same individually. It’s such a tangled twist, its similar to being in a bad relationship. So my boss says to me, “you are required to wear 32 pieces of flare”.

I say ” ahhhhhhhhhhh”


I ask you World, please laugh this up! And I say…one of these days, I will wear flare, but not for the 9 to 5.





4 thoughts on “Comical part of Day

    1. In the comedy movie Office Space, a girl works at a fast-food restaurant and has to wear buttons or pins that say quirky things as a requirement for the job, but when she first started the requirement was to wear 6, but one of her fellow employees is very energetic, almost to the point that it is annoying, and he wears 30 something pins & she gets put down by her boss for not wearing enough “flare”(buttons), although she is wearing the required amount, but it is the bare minimum. My boss has seen the movie, so I was using it as an analogy that I do way more than the bare minimum, but I don’t want to add any more, I was being humorous & knew he would understand, and then he came back with, I’m required to wear 32 pieces of flare, which was a good comeback! I have several bosses at work because I’m part of multiple departments, not all of them would be able to handle my sarcastic analogy! Haha I work for a small family-owned corporation in a rural area, so wages are very low, but I am aware of the big picture due to my years in, and I feel like many of us are underpaid but not everyone realizes it, and I am unfortunately the person who keeps there mouth shut most of the time, which is why I am fortunate to hold the position, but yet I am still underpaid. However, in a rural area, there are not many choices. Maybe one of these days I will speak up for fairness to all. But it’s family owned, so there is not much you can accomplish without changing the way some people think, and that is pretty much out of my control. I hope you’re having a good night! It is morning here now 🙂

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      1. What an interesting story. Cities pay more money but they take away from us the nature we need to stay human. So even if you are underpaid, if you can make a reasonable living and have a good life.., I would imagine you were fortunate.


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